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ANIFPO Sea Source take positive action in Responsible Plastic Management


Re-usable fish boxes at ANIFPO Sea Source

Sea Source is a co-operative owned by the fishermen in Northern Ireland who have been catching, landing and selling their world class seafood in Kilkeel since 1853. With an acute focus on sustainable fishing practices, it comes as no surprise that Sea Source are leading with initiatives on plastic management and in January of this year joined the Responsible Plastic Management Program.  

With support from the local community Sea Flag Fund, Sea Source have been identifying ways to improve their plastic footprint.  Assisted by seafood specialists, RS Standards, an RPM Approved Service Provider, a project commencing with a ‘plastic indexing’ exercise that identified, typed and quantified over 86 tonnes of plastic in the form of single use plastic, incidental plastic and reusable plastic was implemented.  

Significantly, Sea Source discovered that 55% of plastic used is, reusable plastic in the form of returnable fish boxes, plastic fish totes and pallets.  The savings on single use polystyrene formats over the many years is substantial, since a returnable fish box has some 5 years+ life span. 

The project established a baseline of plastic by type, use, polymer (important to understand substitution and end fate options) and then went onto investigate waste management. A risk review was initiated to assist in the evaluation of current management options for ensuring plastic is both managed responsibly and increase recycling rates where possible.  Training sessions were also held.

The project results were discussed at a recent workshop attended by the seafood processors in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland and the Fishing Harbour Authority.  Adam Holland, Sea Source’s Scientific Officer, noted that the project has given us an invaluable position on plastic, allowing us to both communicate facts on the plastic we are saving and identify key areas for improvement going forward.

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