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Become an RPM Ambassador – This EARTH DAY 2022


IMAGINE a world that was drowning and choking in petrochemical based plastic and microplastics. Where the inhabitants couldn’t cope with the environmental and chemical fallout that was being created through vast plastic overuse and poor disposal. But instead of stopping or reducing their production they planned increased plastic production, for more and more inhabitant convenience.

Imagine that some parties readjusted the environmental performance figures or lived in denial and moved the petrochemical based plastic waste to different regions and places that were out of sight and out of mind and off the records. Burning or dumping, burning or dumping, burning or dumping with minimal recycling.

 Soon the inhabitants would have no option but to deal with the plastic waste fallout; and they would start to more regularly encounter and ingest the waste microplastics. Petrochemical based plastic would accumulate in the soil, the water, the food, then stomachs, then organs and then blood streams of animals and the inhabitants. Associated ill health and death would increase.

YOU CAN STOP IMAGINING: This is Plant Earth 2022. We have produced 8000 million tonnes of plastic to date. We have not used this plastic as a continuous recyclable resource, we dumped it or burnt it as part of a ‘throw away culture.  We abused it and have created an annual demand for another 350 million tonnes of more Plastic each year. This is set to double in the next twenty years according to projections.

We recycle and reuse only 10-20% of our plastic sending another 300 million tonnes of plastic into the environment via the dumps, landfills or the incinerator; this includes trillions and trillions of small plastic beads entering into our water and ocean systems. 

Evidence has shown that the developing world; including governments, retailers, manufacturers, waste contractors will apparently allow export of their plastic goods and plastic waste without conscience. We do not have the infrastructure to come anywhere close to having the ability to recycle the plastic we are creating.  Some don’t seem to care.


Scientific reports have now determined that the average human is eating a ‘Lego brick equivalent' of plastic per month, and a 'plastic tyre equivalent' per year. Scientists have found microplastics in the human stomach, in the human placenta, in the blood stream. They have found that up to 1 million birds and animals die per year choking on or ingesting or entangling themselves on waste plastic. 


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Each person and organisation has a role to play in helping rescue society and the environment from the current plastic management crisis that we find ourselves in. We all have some part to play.

Plastic has a part to play in our lives for safety, health, technology and improved living standards. But the mismanagement of plastic must stop. We can start by becoming more aware of the problems of plastic; of the types of  plastic around us. People must become more informed about plastic and change the culture to start to ask probing and meaningful questions to the product suppliers and retailers, to our councils, governments and waste management providers.

We need to ask, Why is problem plastic used? Why are products over packaged with plastic? Why are products designed for single use? Why is recycled plastic not used? Where is the waste plastic going? Why are there not better recycling facilities? Why is plastic waste being shipped to developing countries or burned without due consideration?

Let’s ask for improvement from organisations and for Responsible Plastic Management

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The Responsible Plastic Management (RPM) Program is a Social Enterprise organisation that offers global assurance program and movement for all types of organisations wishing to improve their plastic management and environmental impact. It is suitable for any type of organisation regardless of type, size or scale. Plastic Management Improvements can be made by working with the staff and teams of any type of organisation. 

 The RPM Program is set up as an officially registered Social Enterprise with a mission to protect the environment and we are now seeking RPM AMBASSADORS to voluntarily help us spread the word about Responsible Plastic Management.

Ambassadors will help us promote the existence and need of a responsible plastic management approach. We are seeking Ambassadors to help us encourage their organisations and peers to become more plastic aware and become more engaged in realistic, transparent and tangible plastic improvement strategies.

Ambassadors can help us highlight the key issues and plastic management failings that need to be addressed.

 For More Information Email us and ask for the RPM Ambassador registration and use of the RPM Ambassador Logo

IMAGINE if you played a part in turning the tide on plastic mismanagement. Imagine if this Earth Day 2022 you started to make the difference.