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Farrans Construction Become an Official ‘Supporter’ of the RPM Program


Farrans Construction is demonstrating a commitment to managing its plastic in a responsible manner and improving plastic management processes.

The company has been minimising its impact on the environment by implementing sustainable practices and promoting environmental awareness throughout its operations. The company priorities sustainable procurement, waste management, energy efficiency, biodiversity protection, and environmental education.

Farrans state that it sources materials and products from suppliers who share its commitment to sustainability, manages its waste responsibly, uses energy-efficient equipment and vehicles, promotes renewable energy sources, and enhances biodiversity through sustainable landscaping practices. It also provides training and education programs on environmental sustainability to its employees and partners. 
Aaron Marshall, RPM Program Engagement Director, pictured with Vicki Johnston, Sustainability Adviser at Farrans welcomed them to the Program and said "we are absolutely delighted to have Farrans commit to RPM Program and to have their influence in the construction industry associated with our Program. Farrans is further validating themselves as an environmentally responsible company. They will now be gaining the insights and plastic management knowledge that need to be considered to help make positive decisions for the benefit of environment and the company."

Plastic waste management is crucial for sustainable construction practices. The construction industry has been struggling with plastic waste disposal challenges as it is the second largest consumer of plastics, after packaging. Plastic reduction measures are gaining traction in the sector, with increasing interest in using recycled plastic, which is more cost-effective and durable than traditional materials. Effective plastic management will not only help in reducing the environmental impact but also in promoting sustainable development.

Kudos to Farrans for stepping up and getting involved to play its part in responsible plastic management.