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Haemoband Surgical Ltd Become An Official Support Partner Of The RPM Program


We are delighted to have Haemoband Surgical, a medical device company, join as an official "Supporter" of the Responsible Plastic Management Program. 

Haemoband Surgical produce single-use Coloproctology medical devices manufactured from plastics. However these devices provide an essential and critical function of both eliminating patient cross-contamination, and the need for repeat sterilisation of devices, requiring high energy consumption to achieve.

Through research and the assistance of the RPM Program, Haemoband Surgical is gaining the insights and plastic management knowledge that need to be considered to help make as many improvements as possible to both the production process and the product devices. 

Haemoband Surgical supplies devices to international markets across the world, and these markets are seeking organisations committed to sustainable practices. The support for the Responsible Plastic Management Program compliments Haemoband Surgical’s existing quality management system commitments as demonstrated by their ISO 13485 accreditation for medical device companies.

Michael McMullan, General Manager of Haemoband Surgical said - " Through the RPM Program we can communicate our company's commitment to responsible plastic management and we see RPM as a mechanism to remain plastic conscious and to keep us informed to the viability of improvement ideas.” 

Aaron Marshall, RPM Program Director, welcomed Haemoband Surgical as an RPM Supporter and said: "When plastic is not pointless or problematic and it serves an essential purpose it should be welcomed when it's managed responsibly. Kudos to Haemonband Surgical for stepping up and getting involved in the responsible plastic movement. Our team can assist them on their responsible plastic management journey."