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Meet Our Members Series - Aflac NI


Company Name          Aflac Northern Ireland

Contact Person           Antoinette Bradley


Industry Sector           IT & Cyber Security


Tell us in two sentences about your company’s products or services.

Aflac NI is a subsidiary of Aflac Incorporated, one of the largest providers of supplemental health insurance in the US and Japan. Through the provision of software and cyber security solutions, we deliver value to our parent company, stakeholders and customers at a time when they are most in need.


What and where are the biggest plastics issues in your value chain?

Of primary concern is the use of plastics throughout our office from our furniture and equipment, to the snacks, beverages and stationery we consume.


Why did you decide to join RPM Program?

As a conscious business, we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to reducing any negative impact we might have on our environment. The RPM Program seemed like the perfect first step for Aflac NI as we like to support other local enterprises and the team at RPM were able to outline a clear and achievable plan we could commit to that would help us reduce and manage the harmful plastics within our business.


At what stage are you on your plastics journey?

We are in the early stages of improving how we limit the use of, and deal with plastics within our organisation. Several of our team recently completed the RPM Plastics Awareness Training which was hugely valuable; we have started work on our Plastics Register and over the next few months will be updating our procurement and waste processes and procedures to ensure that we identify and focus on all areas for improvement.


Have you set a target or pledge for improved plastic management by 2025/2030?

We are aiming to achieve RPM Certified status by the end of 2022. It is important to everyone in Aflac NI that we take action and do what we can to tackle the climate and environmental crises the world faces, so we have a corporate strategic goal to demonstrably improve how we are limiting the use of plastics within our business this year and beyond.