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Meet Our Members Series - Haemoband Surgical Ltd


Company Name          Haemoband Surgical Ltd

Contact Person           Michael McMullan


Industry Sector           Medical Devices (Manufacturer)


Tell us in two sentences about your company’s products or services

Haemoband Surgical design and manufacture single use, disposable instruments (medical devices) used for the examination, diagnosis and the treatment of colorectal & proctology conditions. Our primary device is the Haemoband-PLUS device, the first multi-action, pre-loaded ligator for the treatment of haemorrhoids.


What and where are the biggest plastics issues in your value chain?

The devices are made from various polymer plastics and are of a disposable nature. The devices are critical in eliminating patient cross-contamination while also minimising the need for repeat sterilisation of devices, which requires very high energy consumption.


Why did you decide to join RPM Program?

Sustainability is an integral part of our company’s values. Over the past two years we have been investigating ways in which we could innovate and improve our plastics management. We found that within the medical device sector there is little or no clear direction from the European Union or FDA in the USA, for disposable medical devices. We realised that we would have to do it for ourselves ,while still adhering to both sets of rigid regulations on either side of the Atlantic.  The RPM program was the most natural place to begin our journey.


At what stage are you on your plastics journey?

We have started the process of redesigning the products with the view to reducing overall plastic volume, reducing the number of different types of plastic used in our devices and eliminating any plastic waste. It made sense to join the RPM program, as we want to maximise the opportunity to achieve these goals at this early redesign stage. The RPM program will be able to help us to achieve our goals as we begin this journey.


Have you set a target or pledge for improved plastic management by 2025/2030?

Yes, our plastic management process has begun and we have a target for a new, revised designed, primary device with reduced plastic volume, and fewer variable polymers, to be introduced by 2025.