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NGO’s Video Calls Out EU Retailers On Plastic Mismanagement.


NGO's video calls out EU Retailers on Plastic Mismanagement.The New Changing Markets Foundation and Break Free from Plastic highlights their investigations revealing how European supermarkets evade their responsibility to address the plastic crisis.

This first-ever eNGO analysis of European supermarkets’ plastic actions reported "disappointing results, revealing that some of the biggest retail chains in Europe only payed lip service to the problem, while behind the scenes they were trying to delay action and distract consumers and policymakers".
A coalition of 20 NGOs, members of the Break Free from Plastic movement, contacted 130 retailers across 13 European countries.

The total overall average score achieved by retailers across three categories was only 13%. Only two companies exceeded 60%: Aldi in the UK with 65.3%, and Aldi in Ireland with 61%. The other two companies above 40% were Lidl in the UK with 44.7% and Carrefour in France with 41.7%. 82% of the companies did not provide even the most basic information, such as their plastic footprint.

The report showed that there is lot's to do and highlights that it can only be achieved in partnership. Responsible Plastic Management is the way forward.
Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives like Responsible Plastic Management (RPM) Program CIC can be part of the supply chain and retail solution. Organisations can avail of expert Responsible Plastic Management Reviews, Training and Surveys.

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