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RPM Meet our Member Series - McLaughlin & Harvey


Company Name

McLaughlin & Harvey

Contact Person

John Logan

Industry Sector


Tell us about your company's products or services

We undertake construction and civil engineering projects across the UK and Ireland.


What and where are the biggest plastics issues in your value chain?

Undoubtedly packing materials, especially for key works packages such as M&E where the equipment requires protection. There are additional problematic plastic/packaging issues such as shrink wrap, and mastic/sealant tubes which always have a chemical residue too.

Why did you decide to join RPM Program?

The Program provides a structure and pathway for us in improving our strategy on plastics management as part of our ongoing environmental commitments. Plastic pollution is such a major issue that we wanted to commit ourselves to eliminating plastic use across our business and the program will help us develop methods to achieve that goal.

At what stage are you on your plastics journey?

We do consider plastics management and minimisation as part of our approach to waste, but it would be fair to say that on a holistic level we are at an early stage of the shift change required to emphasise the importance of the issue within our business and across our value chain. We see the Program as the perfect partner to help us increase momentum and facilitate change.

Have you set a target or pledge for improved plastic management by 2025/2030?

Our Board have mandated the elimination of single use plastic from our business operations, and our early stage planning will assess how we can translate policy commitment into action. Targets will be assessed and formalised as we work the RPM program into our environmental strategy.