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RPM Program Attending Seafood Expo North America to Discuss ‘Seafood Sector Plastics’,


The RPM Program will be attending the Seafood Expo North America (Boston Seafood Show) talking  'Seafood Sector Plastics', Environment and Climate and 'Ghost Fishing Gear' at the Seafood Expo and Conference North America, Boston 13-15th March!! Check out our session on Tues. 15th at 11.15am EST.

Plastic is an essential component used extensively throughout the global seafood industry. From nets, floats, pens, boxes, tubs, bags, liners, clothing, PPE, belts, walls, floors, even boats. It assists with catch efficiency, design innovation, durability of infrastructure and equipment, seafood product protection, insulation and prevention of food waste and much more. However, we are only just starting to unravel the seafood plastic footprint and review the plastic significance analysis; adding the extra dimension of mapping the seafood plastic carbon footprint will be a challenging endeavour, particularly if corporates and businesses must go it alone.

RPM Program Director, Dave Garforth will be managing the "Plastic Panel Discussion". The panel will discuss and give. Insights on integrating seafood plastic and carbon action plans for a smarter seafood sector, climate and better environment. 

Key questions arise and to be discussed. What are the full considerations and the extent of this double mapping task? What are the significant contributions to plastic footprints and what are the significant actions that reduce both plastic impacts and carbon emissions…and whilst maintaining viable businesses and importantly, ensure seafood continues to contribute to global food security? What are the policy implications and conflicts (e.g., food packaging legislation versus recycled content), what are the required economies of scale for collection and recycling, what are the infrastructural requirements and what are technology gaps need to be addressed?

If we don't see you in Boston you can contact us for more information around this topic and considerations for food and other sectors.


We are looking forward to catching up with lots of old friends in Boston.