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RPM Program Extends its International Client Base to Ten New Countries with new Contract


The Responsible Plastic Management Program has extended its global geographic coverage with a newly announced enhanced partnership contract with Point Group across Africa and the UAE regions.

This is a big international boost for the NI headquartered Program and will see new plastic reduction and management services active in 10 new countries including Qatar, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Nigeria, Oman, Kenya, Morocco, Egypt and Bahrain. Point Group is the industry leader in the procurement, management and delivery of end-to-end marketing solutions in 26 different countries across Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

“This takes the RPM Program‘ activity to 16 Countries”, said Peter Marshall CEO “Plastic mismanagement is a global problem and we aim to grow-out the opportunities in specific regions to assist more organisations and supply chains via RPM Reviews, Engagements and with RPM Plastic Literacy Training. We also have specific interests to build more business in North America, Europe and Asia”

Plastic mismanagement concerns and issues are of interest to society, business, and governments. Through this contract RPM Program, support and solutions are growing. The new contract and the forthcoming efforts are good news for RPM Program, Point Group and for the Environment.