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RPM Program’s Global Coverage


The Responsible Plastic Management (RPM) Program footprint has now developed to over 16 countries. Plastic mismanagement concerns and issues are global and interest in the RPM Program, support and solutions is growing. We encourage organizations to take on a responsible role in becoming plastic aware and setting some goals that are practical and relevant for their operations. The Program facilitates the flexibility for organizations to determine their own journey and targets and the RPM Program helps them with the journey plan and needs. 
So how do we do this?
Despite the COVID pandemic and associated lockdowns the RPM Program has been growing in size and its sophistication. It's great for RPM to have both the international clients and the international support teams to service our client's needs. We are assisting with plastic training needs through our Plastic Literacy Training, Plastic identification, context analysis Baseline audits and reviews have been carried out and tens of thousands of Single-use Plastic items that could be better managed and reduced have been identified. Alternatives to Single Use plastic items have been recognized with products made from renewable, lower carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials and often technically compostable.  
The RPM Program is managed through a core team is based in the UK and Ireland and is supported internationally by regional support managers that understand local issues and infrastructure realities. The RPM team have been managing within the sustainability sector for decades and have international networks of support and market contacts. Peter Marshall, Global Engagement Director says, "the team have experience in project management from Alaska to Australia and across Asia.  We have learnt through previous sustainability projects to understand the flexibility needed to adjust for different regional values, infrastructures and cultures. At one point the team had projects to manage across 26 countries."
The RPM Program is supported by a network of consultants and verifiers. We are confident with our two global certification bodies, LRQA and Control Union that we have global coverage to service all interests.  
LRQA is operating in more than 120 countries, recognised by over 30 accreditation bodies worldwide, and covering almost every sector. Control Union has a  network of connected offices in more than 70 countries around the globe. RS Standards who lead our consultant network have a global project presence and network in 20 countries. 
With the RPM Program now active in 16 Countries, we aim to grow-out the opportunities in specific regions to assist more organisations and supply chains via RPM Reviews, Engagements and with RPM Plastic Literacy Training. We have specific interests to build more business in North America, Europe and Asia. These regions and countries include; 
South Africa 
New Zealand 

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