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RPM & SAIC Webinar - Plastics in Aquaculture - A Responsible Management Approach


Join our co-hosted RPM & SAIC (Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre) 'Plastics in Aquaculture' webinar on Thursday 23rd September to discuss plastic in the aquaculture industry and how the RPM Program can benefit aquaculture organizations.


Plastic is a valuable and essential component within the aquaculture process from feed to hatchery, through to farms, product processing, packaging and distribution. But few can ignore the environmental and climate damage that is being created by plastic misuse and mismanagement by businesses across the world.

The future of the aquaculture sector and general seafood industry has to be based on systems and controls that can be validated to prevent plastic mismanagement that would cause damage to the products, environment and climate. The journey starts with closing the information gaps and becoming aware of the plastic problems and identifying the solutions.