A General Level Course for all staff types in any type of organization

The Responsible Plastic Management Program and RS Standards have developed the Plastic Literacy Training Course © (PLT) to help you develop your knowledge of plastic and to determine how to manage plastics better in your organization for enhanced sustainability and a reduction in pollution.

This PLT training is delivered across three key learning level modules via 6 hours of direct teaching (plus 1 hour minimum of self study task). The course covers all aspects of of plastic including history, origins, production, uses and reuse and recycling options after use.

You will have access to reference materials and an enhanced ability to engage in plastic management discussions and initiatives on completing the training.

Attendees will attain a ‘Certified’ competency certificate for ‘Plastic Literacy’ after submitting the course task work.

How Does the PLT Course Work?


Three 2 Hour Interactive modules (Online or in Person)


Access to in-depth resources for use during and after the Program


Fully interactive sessions with a limited number of delegates


The ability to ask questions and practice your identification skills in a safe group environment


A 1 Hour Plastic indexing course task to help you start thinking about plastic types and management

PLT Can Create The Knowledge Needed For Progress

The Benefits of Plastic Literacy Training

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