Responsible Plastic Management

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What We Do

Gain recognition for your plastic management efforts with our Responsible Plastic Management awards, standards and certifications. Awarded to organizations demonstrating continuous improvement through effective plastic policies, enhanced circularity and reduction strategies.

Start today – Collaborate with support partners. Enhance your organization’s Plastic Management narrative and ESG impact. Use our expert guidance, training  and verification services.

Join the ‘Zero Plastic to Landfill Challenge’

Curious about how much plastic your organization sends to landfill? Want to discover ways to reduce it?

The Zero Plastic to Landfill Challenge is your commitment to work with waste management organizations and recyclers to divert plastics from landfills to more sustainable processes like recycling, reduction, reuse, or energy recovery.

Participating organizations can proudly display the Zero Plastic to Landfill Engaged logo and work towards full identification, verification and certification.

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Global Assurance Program & Standard

Creating positive change on plastic management

We offer support & promote achievements

We will be here to guide you along the way with improved circularity

Start your journey at the right stage

Expert team with over 20 years experience

RPM Business Benefits

Engaging with the RPM Program brings with it a host of benefits for business. Over 8000 businesses are currently benefiting via participation.

  • Evidence of being a Plastic Conscious organization
  • Enhance brand reputation and trust
  • Improve ESG performance and social impact
  • Boost employee pride and engagement
  • Attract talent and investors
  • Achieve cost savings and efficiencies
  • Gain a competitive edge and meet relevant UN SDGs
  • Reduce problem plastics and enhance circularity

How it Works?

There are three options to help your organization become more ‘Plastic Conscious’.


RPM Supporter

Become a RPM Supporter, be trained, financially assist with social enterprise efforts, mission and social impact.


RPM Engaged

Become RPM Engaged in Training, Reviews or Zero Plastic To Landfill Challenge, and get access to tools, coaching and information.


RPM Certified

Become RPM Certified against our unique Responsible Plastic Management Standard or Zero Plastic to Landfill status.

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