Plastic Literacy Training

“Enhance your plastic understanding and gain sustainability credentials by becoming a certified Plastic Literate Professional”

The Responsible Plastic Management Program, Northern Regional College and RS Standards have created the Plastic Literacy Training Course (PLT). The course will assist you in developing your knowledge of plastic types and end fates and in determining how to better manage plastics in your organization for increased sustainability and plastic pollution reduction.

Plastic Literacy Training (PLT): A Fully Online Course

Our Plastic Literacy Training (PLT) is a fully online course that involves 3 hours of training. PLT gives you and your organisation a comprehensive grounding on the history and science of Plastic: Types of Plastic and an awareness of how and why it is so widely used.

Plastic Literacy Training gives insights to problems and its mismanagement. We discuss how this is negatively affecting  the environment and societies. You will learn how we can positively work together so that necessary plastic used will be less likely to negatively effect the environment and future generations.

PLT empowers you to become more Plastic-Literate, making you more informed to make better decisions that positively impact your business, society, and personal choices.

The Course is accesible for anyone and be completed in your own space and time. Participants will uncover actionable solutions for positive collaboration and gain the confidence to lead responsible change at home or within your organisation and will be better equipped to participate in plastic management discussions and initiatives.

Upon completion participants will enhance their sustainability credentials by  a ‘Certified competency certificate for ‘Plastic Literacy’.

How Does the PLT Course Work?

3 Hours of Online Training (Module by Module Format).

Access to in-depth resources for use during and after training

Interactive sessions to test your Knowledge

Uncover the challenges of plastic mismanagement and discover actionable solutions for positive collaboration

Upon completion, participants will gain a ‘Certificate of Plastic Literacy Achievement.’ Moreover, your organisation will gain access to RPM Program Training Accolades for enhancing your sustainability credentials

Plastic is the ‘signature material’ of our age. A wonder product to many; but it is recognised as having environmental and sustainability issues. Would you like to better understand this and know the options?

The Benefits of Plastic Literacy Training

Increase Staff Competency to Better Engage

Enhance Team Culture and Confidence

Enable Project Progression

Create Positive Change

Personal PLT Certification

Enhance efficiency and ability to communicate

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