Creating a Positive Impact

The RPM Program is a membership and certification initiative for organizations seeking to manage plastic use and circularity as effectively as possible. It is a non-profit, award-winning social enterprise. To help address the plastic pollution crisis, we have assembled a team of circularity, certification and sustainability experts. We have a global network of expert advisory teams, trained consultants, and third-party certification bodies.

We are committed to assisting responsible businesses in mapping and managing their single-use and problem plastics usage in order to improve circularity and environmental impact. Engaged organizations gain access to recognised kite-marks and accolades, which can be effectively communicated. These range from the  'plastic conscious' 'Supporter' to the 'verified active' 'Engaged' to “Certified” as meeting best practice standards.

Our Vision

We aim to engage 10,000 organizations who wish to demonstrate their commitment to responsible plastic management and reduction of Single-use Plastics.

Who We Are

After witnessing firsthand the negative effects of plastics in the ocean and environment, we launched the RPM Program in 2019.

Our founding members were working on ocean and fishery sustainability projects involving 26 countries, and there was clear evidence of plastic pollution, environmental impact, and a lack of product circularity in each area. 

The team was haunted by the harm caused by plastic pollution in the oceans, as well as the threat to wildlife and human welfare. Something had to be done, so the RPM Program was created.

Our extended team has decades of circularity, standards review and advisory experience, as well as involvement in global sustainability standard projects. We are supported by leading global certification bodies, review teams, circularity consultants, and environmentally conscious support.

We have experts that can deal with sector categories such as Offices, Hotels, Manufacturing, Construction, Food Service, Food, Fishing and Agriculture, Retail and Supply Chains, Utilities and Business Services.

Our membership is composed of organizations from numerous sector and business types that wish to demonstrate measureable impact and positive activity that helps protect our environment, climate and oceans.

We work across many sectors and geographies and have leaders who facilitate Plastic in Sector groups. The RPM Program is a business to business network and we are currently active in over 12 countries. We can network our members with suppliers and service solution providers to issues relating to plastic management.  



Our Key People


Peter Marshall

Peter Marshall


Dave Garforth

Dave Garforth

Program Director

Bernadette Vernon

Bernadette Vernon

Finance Director

Aaron Marshall

Aaron Marshall

Marketing & Communications

Mike Platt

Mike Platt

Engagement Manager

Our Expertise


Our team is led by experienced and practically minded plastic, standards and certification experts with decades of experience in supply chain assurance, ISO and ISEAL systems & certifications.


Over twenty years of experience in sustainability, environmental, social and governance (ESG) and international assurance program management. We have partnerships with leading recycling and sorting facilities that can help with circularity solutions.


Our coaches offer tailored, expert support in areas of single-use plastic, problem plastic and waste management. Our verification team and our third-party independent certification bodies can offer the highest levels of assurance.


The RPM Program approved consultant network can help organisations to achieve plastic management goals and targets. RS Standards is our lead strategic partner for support services.


Our fully onboarded certification bodies are LRQA and Control Union. RPM Program trains auditors and provides an integrity framework.

Our RPM vision is that business as usual across the world will involve ‘responsible plastic management’ practices. We want to help reduce the amount of unnecessary, problem plastic and the volume virgin plastic being produced. We all want to reduce the amount of plastic polluting our environments and oceans.

Plastic helps to shape our world and unfortunatley a truly Plastic-free society status is likely a dream but Responsible Plastic Management status for society is a practical and realistic goal to achieve.

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