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AG Paving and Building Products (AG) become an official Engaged Member of the RPM Program


AG Paving and Building Products (AG) have become an official 'Engaged' Member of the Responsible Plastic Management Program


It’s great to see that one of the leading manufacturers of concrete products in the UK adopts sustainable and responsible sourcing practices. These are considering the environmental impact of raw materials and utilizing recycled or locally sourced materials. 


Waste management practices such as recycling, waste reduction, and responsible disposal are essential for AG to minimize environmental impact. Moreover, AG prioritizes compliance with environmental regulations and standards, including monitoring emissions, managing water usage responsibly, and addressing potential environmental risks.


Aaron Marshall, RPM Program Engagement Director (pictured with Cathy Maguire HSEQ Manager, Stephen Acheson CEO and John Cassidy Shift Team Leader at their Toomebridge office) welcomed AG to the Program and said “It’s a pleasure to have AG Paving & Building Products one of the UK the leading manufacturer of concrete products becoming an Engaged member of the Program. Their Engaged membership validates the organisation as an environmentally focused and socially responsible organisation. We look forward to working with AG. They will now be gaining the benefits and plastic management knowledge from our coaches that need to be considered to help make positive decisions for the benefit of the environment and the company. The RPM Program is gaining a lot of traction in the construction sector. It is encouraging to see the construction industry walking the talk and putting sustainability at the heart of their operations and demonstrating commitment to Responsible Plastic Management."


Cathy Maguire HSEQ Manager at AG said “We are delighted to get involved with the RPM Program. Sustainability is one of AG’s core values and joining the RPM Program further highlights our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our operations.”


 Plastic is a key material used in the construction sector and plastic waste management is crucial for sustainable construction practices. The construction industry can access a range of benefits from joining the RPM Program.


Kudos to AG for stepping up and getting involved to play its part in responsible plastic management.