RPM Program Supporters make positive change possible

The Benefits for your Organization

Joining the RPM Program as an RPM 'Supporter' allows your organization to improve your social impact by supporting an environmental improvement social enterprise. Your organization will become more plastic aware and develop a better plastic management culture. It contributes to a worthy sustainability initiative and to 'Do Better' for the benefit of the environment, oceans, wildlife, and future generations.

RPM Program 'Supporters’ gain access to plastic management coaching and motivational sessions. They have access to and use the 'RPM Supporter' logo to promote progressive attitudes, participation and support.

As an RPM Program 'Supporter' you get your brand listed and showcased on the RPM Program website.

As an RPM Supporter you get promoted as a 'Plastic Conscious' organization and a financial Supporter and enabler of the RPM Program. This will be promoted through our social media campaigns.

You can improve your reputation as a caring organization among employees, customers, and the general public. Your contribution will assist the non-profit RPM Program in developing awareness campaigns, measurement tools, and plastic cleanup activities.


Our RPM Program Supporters are creating plastic management ideas and are committed to the ethos and principles of the RPM Program. The annual fee will financially assist our not-for-profit mission to deliver plastic reduction awareness initiatives, education and communication campaigns, reduced cost training and beach cleans.

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