RPM Program Engagement communicates commitment & progress with confidence

The Benefits for your Organization

RPM Program is a journey. RPM engagement is the first official action step. RPM Program ‘Engaged’ members gain access to RPM policy and plastic measurement and coaching tools including the RPM Program Plastic Indexer. This helps organizations collect relevant plastic information and develop context for important decisions.

The RPM Program can help your organization create relevant and valuable plastic reviews that will aid in plastic identification, indexing, significance analysis, and action planning. We can assist with determining the scope of baseline reviews and reporting on plastic management.

RPM Program support policies and tools can assist an RPM Engaged organization in managing, identifying, and recording relevant plastics and associated end fate analysis. They aim to help with decisions and solutions that will benefit the organization, the environment and society. Our RPM review and reporting tools and framework enables plastic reporting to be communicated confidently and clearly, at all levels.

The RPM Program 'Engaged' logo allows 'Engaged' members to communicate their RPM commitment and plastic management progress.

Organizations that have become RPM 'Engaged' will be promoted on the RPM Program Website, as well as in promotional activities and case studies.

We understand that market and government procurement teams are seeking supply and service organizations that are actively involved in environmental and sustainability initiatives.

Society has become more aware of the plastic pollution crisis and so many employees and job seekers want to work for companies that value responsible management and environmental initiatives. RPM Program engagement will help relay that commitment.

Consider having a Plastic Management Review. This will give your organization a clear and confidential status position and indicate gaps that can be addressed to improve circularity and reduce environmental impact.

Organizations become formally RPM Engaged when they register with the Program and get active with their RPM Journey. This activity can be in the form of policy development, training, plastic review and action planning or straight to Certification.

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