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The Benefits for your Organization

Certification is a voluntary option for Engaged organizations. When chosen it becomes a clear demonstration of meeting the best practice RPM Standard and communicates to all interested parties that the organization is fully committed to manage the plastics which are under its control.

The RPM Standard was developed by an expert technical committee and is aligned to ISO 14001 and ISO 17065 standards. This is a systems based standard. When awarded the Certification logo can be used for marketing and promotion of certified achievement.

Certification will help business development by meeting market and government procurement requirements

There is a choice of approved certification bodies and the audit duration will be based on the size and scale of the organization.

The Certification Bodies have expertise in developing audit schedules and plans and will carry out the RPM certification audit in a consistent, practical and pragmatic manner.

A successful audit will mean the organization has fully met the RPM Standard and it will gain access to the RPM Certification logo.

Certification means an indisputable level of progress and control

RPM Certification is carried out by ISO accredited, third party, global certification bodies. Certification is voluntary and is awarded when the RPM organization is verified as meeting the criteria in the Responsible Plastic Management Standard.

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