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The Benefits for your Organization

The RPM Program offers Plastic Management and Literacy Training©. In theory almost all plastic is recyclable however there are key reasons why this does not happen. The most common reason is lack of competence and cultural behaviour. Training can help overcome this.

Our training services are designed to help people gain a better understanding of plastics and plastic types, as well as the problems associated with plastic mismanagement and potential solutions.

RPM Program provides plastic management training to 'Engaged' members as well as through public and private courses. Training for the RPM Program can be done in person or remotely.

From plastic awareness to plastic management and control, and even RPM Standard auditing, we have a course for you. We recently launched the 1-Day Plastic Literacy Training©, which is appropriate for all staff types in any type of organization (See RPM Resources Tab)

Each RPM Program course can be tailored to provide knowledge and practical tips to help you make a difference whether you work from home, in the office, or on the factory floor. We want to equip people with the knowledge they need to make positive changes regarding plastic management and understand the significance of different types of plastic, based on use, volume or weight.

Trained persons and organizations can gain access to the RPM Program 'Trained' logo and demonstrate to employers and society that they have become more aware about the problems with plastic pollution and how to make some positive changes!

We can create courses to support both general employee inductions and employee personal development goals. Please contact us for more information.

Become more aware about the problem with plastic pollution and potential solutions

Encouraging staff to undertake online training is a great way to stay connected, keep motivated and remain focused in these challenging times of remote working.

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